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University of Victoria는 브리티시컬럼비아 주 빅토리아에 있는 주립 종합대학교로 캐나다를 대표하는 대학 중 하나이기도 하면서 100년이 넘는 전통과 역사를 간직하고 있는 대학교입니다. 일명 유빅(uvic)이라고도 불리는 빅토리아 대학교는 1903년 설립된 빅토리아 칼리지(Victoria College)로 1961년 학사학위를 처음으로 수여했고 종합대학교로 승격하면서 지금의 빅토리아 대학교가 되었는데요. 총 약 3만명의 학생과 1,070의 전임교수들로 구성되어 있습니다.




Philosophy, Earth and Marine science,Psychology

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Continuing Studies at UVic
Help Your Students Gain a Business Credential

Over the past 29 years, our Business and Management programs at the University of Victoria have welcomed students from more than 60 countries to build their professional skills, learn about international business, and study alongside Canadian students at one of Canada's top universities. We can help your students to achieve their goals.

Students working
Certificate in Business Administration 
(CBA) – Fast Track

2019 Start Dates: May 6 | Sept. 9

Tuition: $6,500 CAD


The full-time, intensive CBA – Fast Track program leads to an academic, non-credit certificate. Students improve their career opportunities by developing the integrated business and leadership skills required for success in today’s global marketplace.
Some of the topics covered:

  • Professional Communication
  • Accounting and Finance
  • International Business
  • Marketing
  • Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources
  • Strategic Management and Leadership Practices

Application Requirements: Five years work or two years university experience and an IELTS of 6.0 (or TOEIC, TOEFL equivalent). Students who study a high level of English at UVic’s English Language Centre do not have to submit a test score.

CBA program details
Diploma in Business Administration (DBA)

International students who complete the CBA – Fast Track program can also finish a Diploma in Business Administration (DBA), which requires an additional two terms of full-time study, for a total of one year. Upon graduation from the diploma program, students are usually eligible to apply for an open post-graduation work permit in Canada. This exciting opportunity has allowed many international students to receive a prestigious certificate and diploma from UVic and also gain long-term work experience in Canada.


Need help figuring out which program option is the best fit?

Guidance for International Students

Download Program Brochure


DBA program details
Cathy takes on program coordinator role

Marlowe Morrison has been on educational leave since September 2018 and will return in September 2019. Cathy Henderson, who you may already know as our former program assistant, has stepped into Marlowe’s program coordinator role. Congratulations Cathy!


Meet Jolene and Lisa

Our two new program assistants are settling in well. Jolene Kendzel, who recently moved to Victoria — bringing a wealth of valuable experience in student support with her — has already proved herself indispensable to our business students and colleagues alike. And Lisa Drisdelle also just recently moved to Victoria, from Halifax, where she worked at Dalhousie University. She has loads of experience in administration and student support. Welcome both Jolene and Lisa!


Get to know our director!

Bringing Value to Business Education with Director Richard Mimick

Richard Mimick has been in the "Business" business a long time. With a distinguished career spanning several decades, across multiple industries, he brings a wealth of connections, experience and knowledge to the Business and Management programs unit at Continuing Studies...

Read full article


We look forward to working with you over the coming year!


Best Regards,
The Business and Management Team
(L to R: Pat, Cathy, Richard, Marlowe, Jolene; missing: Lisa)


Business team



Continuing Studies at UVic

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