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For the first time, we are offering a Spring Break activity – a 4 day, 3 night trip to the Rocky Mountains, departing on Tuesday March 24th (with pick up locations at the School Board Office and Burnsview Secondary) and returning on Friday, March 27th.  Please see the attached poster and itinerary to get a sense of what is involved in the trip.  You will see some beautiful sites and get to enjoy some wonderful outdoor activities.


The trip costs $750.  Please sign up using the website - https://tours.dcstudentadventures.com/sd/deltasd


You will be asked to enter some information, select from two optional activities (skiing/snowboarding or an ice walk and gondola ride) and make a credit card payment.  If for some reason the credit card payment is not an option for you or doesn’t work, there is a paper form attached you can complete and bring (with $750) to your international coordinator.  Please bring both the form and money together and your coordinator will contact the tour organizer to put you on the list.  That being said,  the preference is to complete the online registration.


Once you are registered, Ms Karen will forward you the waivers that need to be completed by your natural parents.


Although the tour is operated by DC tours, Ms Karen and Israel will be going on the trip as well … as will Ms Karen’s husband Mr Chris.


There are only 45 spaces on this trip.  Please act quickly to ensure you get your space. Last possible day for sign up is Monday, February 24th 2020. However, we anticipate that the trip will fill up far before this date so please enrol right away.


Please note that most everything is included in the price except for some lunches and  dinners and, if you are an advanced skier or snowboarder, there is an extra cost to access the advanced runs.  There will also be an option to skate on Lake Louise for a small charge if you would like and weather permitting.


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