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12-Week Intensive English: April 9 – July 4, September 10 – December 5

Monthly English: April 9 – May 4, September 4-28, October 1-26, October 29 – November 23, November 26 – December 14

Summer Language & Culture: May 28 – June 29, July 3 – 27, July 9 – August 17, July 30 – August 24, August 7 – 24

University Admission Preparation: April 9 – July 4, September 10 – December 5

Summer Academic Intensive: July 3 - September 6

University Pathways Program: September 5, 2018 - August 25, 2019

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ELC News  


ELC wins “Cultural Experience” award

We are proud to announce that we recently received the 2017-18 Cultural Excellence Award from “iStudy”, an international travel publication that selects winners each year “based on their achievements and strengths in the education industry.”

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ELC travel update

Kyla is back in the office and busily following up on a productive business trip to Mexico and Panama! This is only the beginning of travel for our ELC marketing team, as we’ll be attending many more events this month in Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, China, Brazil and Colombia.

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Homestay Student Manual

We are pleased to share a new resource for students living with UVic homestay families: the Homestay Student Manual. This guide provides a wealth of practical and cultural tips to help set our students up for success in homestayaccommodation.

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Advanced English and Business Diploma

This exciting program combination, designed for recent high school graduates who would like to study English and Business at UVic begins next month!  There are still spaces to register – please contact us with any questions




Question of the Month:

What summer “optional” activities does the ELC offer and how much do they cost?

Along with the free activities included in full-time ELC programs, the following “optional” activities are some favourite summer experiences for our students:

  • Butchart Gardens $40
  • Kayaking $50
  • Whale Watching $70
  • 2-Night Vancouver Trip $240
  • 1-Night Vancouver Trip $190
Spotlight On: Summer Language & Culture Programs
Living and studying in Victoria in the summer is an unforgettable experience… just ask the +1000 students who attend programs with us between June and August every year! These are active, intensive programs that combine theory and practice: students attend 4 hours of morning classes and then put their English skills to practical use each afternoon during on and off-campus activities.
Program features:
  • 20 class hours per week
  • 5 class levels, from High Beginner to Advanced
  • Focus on speaking and listening skills
  • Access to our Computer-Assisted Language Laboratory (CALL)
  • Free afternoon activities and optional weekend trips with our Cultural Assistants
  • Homestay accommodation and meals with a local family (June only)
  • UVic Dormitory accommodation and meals (July and August only)
  • Certificate of Participation and a Record of Grade upon completion
  • Optional Business Boost elective classes in July and August programs
“UVic was the best place to study English. In my two months at the ELC, Teachers and Cultural Assistants really helped me to improve my speaking ability. Every day in class we had many questions to discuss with each other. After class, there were many activities we could choose. In these activities, we could play different new sports, go to the beach, dance, etc. At the end of the program, we had a special and wonderful culture night!” – Chu-Ying Shao (Taiwan)

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TALK Aventura students observe Memorial Day in different ways. The day honors American soldiers, but it’s also become a celebration of the beginning of summer. Find out more Commonly Confused Homonyms These words are very often mixed ...

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Style and design are universal, but fashion is a business and English is its official language! Choose from these two programs to study English at FIT: Intensive English Language (full semester) starts August 23 ESL/Fashion Business (three-...

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엠바시 토론토센터의 생생한 현장을 소개합니다! 세계 각국의 학생들을 만날 수 있는 캐나다 토론토에 위치한 엠바시 센터의 라이브 투어를 체험해 보세요! 이번 웹 투어를 통해 엠바시 센터의 크고 밝은 교실과 창 밖으로 보이는 토론토 스카이 라인의 멋진 ...

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이번 뉴스레터에서는 몰타 취업 자격증, 숙소 정보, Fusion 등을 확인하실 수 있습니다! 5월 국적비율 확인 다운로드 몰타에서 90일 이상의 학업을 하는 학생들은 합법적으로 몰타에서 유급의 일자리를 얻을 수 있습니다. 취업 자격증(Employment Licence)을 ...

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April Newsletter FOR ELC AGENTS AND PARTNERS Dear Sungman, As always, it’s a pleasure to share our monthly update about what’s happening at the ELC. UPCOMING ELC PROGRAMS 12-Week Intensive English: September 10 – December ...

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When we asked our TALK San Francisco students about their favorite local expressions, they had a lot to say! Hella. Hecka. Weird! Have to go. Would you do me a favor? And more … Find out more Native Spanish speakers face several chal...

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안녕하세요. IH Vancouver 입니다. 오늘은 저희학교 선택수업중 하나인 English Through Song 프로그램을 티칭하시는 Victor 선생님을 소개해 드리려고 합니다. English Through Song은 학생들이 팝송을 통하여 영어 및 발음까지 배울 수 있는 저희학교에서 ...

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2월 초 토론토 Will Education 에서 Sportt Shaw Language 를 College “Best ESL School In Town” 으로 선정하였다는 깜짝 놀랄만한 소식을 전달 받았습니다! 더 자세한 정보는 저희 학교 블로그를 통하여 확인 할 수 있습니다. SSLC에서는 새로...

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An 8-Week Career Accelerator for Creative Professionals FIT's User Experience Design Certificate Program is tailored for creative professionals such as graphic designers and web designers who are looking to advance their career in the e...

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March Newsletter FOR ELC AGENTS AND PARTNERS As always, it’s a pleasure to share our monthly update about what’s happening at the ELC. UPCOMING ELC PROGRAMS 12-Week Intensive English: April 9 – July 4, September 10 –...

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Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind. And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind. William Shakespeare (A Midsummer Night's Dream) For our TALK Atlanta students, Valentine's Day is a celebration not only of love but of the...

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KIE – 미국/캐나다 출국 전 등록 취소 및 연기 시 주의사항 ■ 카플란 북미 출국 전 등록 취소 및 연기 시 학비 페널티 안내 카플란 공식 규정 및 조건에 조건에 따라 미국 및 캐나다 센터 등록 후 개강일 포함 7 영업일 이내에 등록 취소 및 개강 일 연...

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  • Mar 22, 2018

한국 시간은 어제, 수요일( 3월 21일), 뉴욕센터 휴교에 들어갔습니다. 겨울 태풍 토비 때문입니다. 학생들의 안전을 위한 조치이며, 우선 해당일 하루만 휴교에 들어간 상태입니다. 눈보라가 수요일 저녁에 잠잠해진다고 하나, 모든 EC New York 스탭들이 대...

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CISL Communicator, Winter 2018 What is happening in 2018 at CISL? From engaging new Junior Program curriculum to intensive Premier Programs, our classes continue to help students achieve English language success. Help your clients reach the...

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아카데믹 매니저 Leslie가 들려주는 엠바시 뉴욕 소식 Tell us about yourself! 제 이름은 레슬리입니다. 저는 플로리다에서 살았고, 조지아(나라) 에서 1년동안 영어를 가르쳤습니다. 대학에서는 스페인어와 비지니스를 전공했고, 이후 대학원에서 ESOL과 Bil...

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UPCOMING ELC PROGRAMS 12-Week Intensive English: April 9 – July 4, September 10 – December 5 Monthly English: April 9 – May 4, September 4-28, October 1-26, October 29 – November 23, November 26 – December 14 S...

The Delta Film Academy - BootCamp file

  • Mar 07, 2018

We would like to announce that for spring break our film academy will have a BootCamp for all students. The following information is the description of the BootCamp. Also attached is the registration with dates and times. Please foward this ...

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미국 내에 11개 센터의 운영 중단을 발표하였습니다. 너무 많은 센터를 보유하고 있는 학교로서, 더욱 체계적이고 수준높은 교육을 제공할 수 있도록 일부 운영이 어려운 센터를 정리하는 상황에서 나온 결과입니다. 입학신청비 면제는 3월 31일까지 연장이 되...

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At LSI we wish all our friends around the globe a prosperous 2018! In our first newsletter of 2018, we take a look at some new developments at LSI, our ever popular CELTA Teacher Training and delve into some surprising facts about the Engli...

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Activities provide a fun way to discover your host city while expanding your English skills! See what TALK’s January Activities hold for students in San Francisco, Boston and Fort Lauderdale. See all activities Our Atlanta students lo...