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Greetings from Boston!

Whenever the trees in Boston are vibrant and radiant, we feel prompted to write our almost once-in-a-blue-moon NESE Newsletter. The foliage is glorious, and when we see it, we want to share the joy and pleasure it promotes with our world-wide NESE friends.

We are delighted to announce that NESE is now offering a Medical English course. The goal of this new course is to help those working in the medical profession to more effectively converse with patients and colleagues.

This course focuses on medical terminology that is used when examining patients, arranging for tests, giving diagnoses, and discussing prognoses. The course will also look at medical care as practiced in the United States and will focus on language used in describing physiological systems and in discussing the treatment of common diseases and ailments. In addition to furthering students understanding of medical jargon and health care in the United States, this course will help students improve their overall English through participating in active discussions and reading authentic material.

NESE's Medical English course is offered as one of our "After-School Courses", with the same schedule as Legal English: four days per week from 3:30-5:00. Please also remember that just as Legal English is not taught by a lawyer, Medical English is not taught by a doctor. You can bet your bottom dollarthough, that just like all NESE classes, it is taught by a top-level NESE teacher.

NESE was recently invited to submit a request for membership to IALC(International Association of Language Centres), one of the most respected international associations of language schools in the world. Although being invited to join was in itself an honor, such an invitation does not guarantee membership. In order to belong to IALC, a rigorous on-site inspection is conducted and numerous interviews are conducted. We are delighted to say that IALC determined that NESE met their high standards, and we are now a full member of this prestigious organization.

NESE is currently accredited by ACCET (Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training). On behalf of the United States Department of Education, ACCET evaluates the quality of educational organizations and verifies the extent to which all required standards are met.

NESE has continuously been accredited by ACCET since 1998 (except between 2008-2013, during which time it chose to be accredited by CEA). The accreditation requirement includes a significant written report by NESE as well as a multi-day on-site visit.

There are a range of grades that schools can receive with the highest being a "Five Year Accreditation" (infrequently awarded and reserved for the best institutions). We are ecstatic to say that, just as it always has, NESE again received a "Five Year Accreditation" grade - and - Can we boast here? - In fact, NESE was the only school to receive this distinction at ACCET's meeting this spring - We love to share news like this with you!


If you haven't checked NESE's list of "Awards and Recognitions", you will notice a new addition to the list when you do. This year, The Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts recognized NESE's president and founder as one of their "Leading Women". Although she was delighted to be recognized, she is well aware that NESE's quality and success - and in fact, this recognition - is very much the result of NESE teachers and staff - and students - really giving their very best at NESE, working together as a team to create the warm and supportive (and top-quality) environment that is NESE.

NESE has been requested to design a number of special programs this year, and when our student numbers allow us to accommodate such requests, we are delighted to do so. We are pleased to highlight one of them for you:

Japanese Senior Group
A group of seniors from Japan have chosen NESE for their "studycation" (Caution!!: studycation is NOT a real word - we are just playing with the words study + vacation). This group will have separate morning classes (as they requested) and then follow a daily activity schedule in order to relax in a location that is second to none when it comes to beautiful falls.

We always like to update you all on a bit of staff news:

Joyce Burnham:
Joyce has just celebrated her 21st year at NESE. She started as an intern while in college and is now married with two children.

Martha Hall:
Martha has also just celebrated her 21st year at NESE. She started as the Academic Director, then was promoted to Administrative Director, and is now overall Director. When she started at NESE, she had no children, but her daughter is now on the cusp of going to college!

Teacher Paul Oplinger:
Paul started working at NESE 19 years ago. He has taught every class and every level and remains a favorite teacher of many - and we know why! Since starting at NESE, Paul has married and has a 6-year-old child.

From time to time, former students come back to visit us (and sometimes to study again). We are always over the moon to see them and hear their news. We will publish student news in our next newsletter, and if you would like to be included, please send a few sentences - and a "then and now" photo to news@nese.edu. Although we hate to admit it, "then and now" photos are important because over 28+ years, we change:

We look forward to hearing from you! 


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