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Giving Thanks
Fall is a time of giving thanks, both in Canada and the US, and we at ESLI are always very grateful for our students. You enrich our lives in many different ways, and it is our privilege to work with and for you!  We are grateful for our agents, who do so much every day to make our work possible. Finally, we are grateful for the entire ESLI family of faculty, recruiters, staff, and our many university partners.  Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!
ESLI at TWU learns the Science of Pixar
Students from ESLI at TWU in Vancouver, Canada, took a trip to the Science of Pixar exhibit to learn something about how computer movies are made. They walked the path of production, such as this stop with Buzz Lightyear in the Modeling phase.
Students pose with Wall-E in the Settings and Art phase of production, where they saw other exhibits detailing what is involved in creating a virtual world for Pixar's characters. They also got to play around with creating sound effects. Looks like they had a lot of fun!
Homestay at ESLI-UMD!
Homestay is now available for students of ESLI at UMD. If you are interested, or would like more information, go to the American Homestay Network websiteand check out what you get when you choose Homestay.  Best of all, Homestay is available to graduate students, who do not have an on-campus housing option at UMD! If you would like more information about Homestay, visit the website or ask an Admissions Coordinator by emailing admissions@esli-intl.com.  For some benefits of Homestay, check out this post on the ESLI Blog.
ESLI at UWS goes to the farm
UWS students spent a rainy day at the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center in Ashland, where they learned about the history of Wisconsin and Lake Superior, including logging, mining, glaciers, fishing, and fur-trading. Then they moved on to a working farm, owned by Toby and Pam Griggs. The Griggs' raise organic, grass-fed cattle for beef; they made lunch for ESLI students and faculty, then gave them a tour of the farm. It was a great break from the class-room!
Holiday Hours and Arrival Plans
We're getting close to arrival season again, so it's time to start thinking about holiday travel plans!    Click here to see all the office closure dates as well as the best day to arrive. Don't forget to visit our Arrival Prep Page to let us know all your plans!  It may be very important that you submit your housing application before the break if you don't want to stay in a hotel!
Building Cultural Bridges at WKU
ESLI at WKU students took part in a campus-wide celebration of world cultures at WKU's annual International Festival. International students from all over the interacted with American students and their families to share the best of their native cultures.
Students also participated in Saudi Arabia Day. Saudi students from both ESLI and WKU handed out flags, wrote names in Arabic letters, and shared their culture with classmates.. Attendees also sampled some sweets and other foods common to Saudi Arabia, and spoke with Saudi students about their culture.
ESLI at UMD on the Lakeshore
ESLI at UMD students try their hand at apple-picking--and apple-tossing--at the Blue Vista Apple Orchard. They also visited Tetzner Dairy farm to see where Wisconsin's famous cheese gets its start.
It's cold on Lake Superior in October, but what a beautiful town Bayfield, Wisconsin is! Students braved the chilly air to tour this picturesque tourist town.
ESLI On the Road with Matan Odell
ESLI's Asia Recruiter Matan Odell recently visited Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, and Malaysia on a round of visiting agents and seeing students at fairs and schools. He spent his time talking with students about our programs, and even connected with a young lady in Malaysia who is now determined to come to ESLI when she is old enough--in six or seven years! If you met Matan--or even if you didn't!--you can find out more about us by visiting www.esli-intl.com or by contacting an Admissions Coordinator at admissions@esli-intl.com.
Check out the ESLI News Blog for information and updates!

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Giving Thanks Fall is a time of giving thanks, both in Canada and the US, and we at ESLI are always very grateful for our students. You enrich our lives in many different ways, and it is our privilege to work with and for you! We are gratef...

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