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Happy Holidays!
Final Exams will soon be over, and the holiday season has begun. We congratulate all of our students for a successful semester!  It has been a challenging year, and we will continue to face these challenges in 2019, but we are as committed as ever to all our partners, agents, and students.  From all ofus at ESLI, may you have a very happy holiday season, and a New Year full of joy and prosperity.
It's the season of giving at ESLI at TWU!
Santa Claus pays a visit to TWU students to lead them in singing Christmas carols and exchanging small gifts. Many cookies were eaten!
Holiday Hours and Arrival Plans
It's arrival season for the Spring 2019 term, so it's time to start thinking about holiday travel plans!    Click here to see all the office closure dates as well as the best day to arrive.

Don't forget to visit our Arrival Prep Page to let us know all your plans!  It may be very important that you submit your housing application before the break if you don't want to stay in a hotel!

We can't wait to welcome you or your students to ESLI!

*If you are unable to access the Arrival Preparation link, click here for the PDF version.
A Homestay student helps decorate a Christmas tree.
Homestay at ESLI-UMD!
Homestay is now available for students of ESLI at UMD. If you are interested, or would like more information, go to the American Homestay Network websiteand check out what you get when you choose Homestay.  Best of all, Homestay is available to graduate students, who do not have an on-campus housing option at UMD! If you would like more information about Homestay, visit the website or ask an Admissions Coordinator by emailing admissions@esli-intl.com.  For some benefits of Homestay, check out this post on the ESLI Blog.
Check out the ESLI News Blog for information and updates!
Meet Gabriela! Another ESLI Success Story!

"The ESLI program at Western Kentucky University (WKU) helped me not just to learn English, but to feel confident to face a university student lifestyle. It showed me to daily apply skills, such as critical thinking, responsibility, punctuality, etc., to successfully develop both as a student and human.

Also, it helped me to open my mind, since I was not just learning a language, but a way to exchange different points of view with people all around the world. I expanded my creativity with each cultural sharing I experienced with my partners and teachers, like their different social needs, valuable history, costumes, habits, and beliefs. This showed me the importance of cultural sharing and respect and motivated me to fully develop my Architectural Science major in order to turn structures into cultural identities that join societies.

The ESLI program motivated me to feel more self-assured, to take important steps in my life path, and to use English as a tool to connect with others. All in all, I discovered myself because this program connected and guided me towards my dream."

-Gabriela Guadalupe Vargas Berroa, Spring 2018, Peru
ESLI at SIUE: Saudi Airlines Field Trip
Students visited the Aviation Facilities on the Southern Illinois University - Carbondale campus for a day to learn more about aircraft. 
They spoke to SIU-C  faculty about all kinds of aircraft, and were able to sit in a helicopter for pictures. It was educational and fun, too!
The New 2018-2019 Edition of the Admissions Handbook is available!  

     Multi-language versions are available:


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  • Jan 18, 2019

View this email online 2019년 목표 자신있게 영어 구사하기 꿈꾸기만 하던 유창한 영어 구사, 올해는 실현하고 싶지 않으세요? 성만님, 매년 새해에 결심만 하던 영어공부, 올해는 실천에 옮겨보세요! 100% 영어사용 환경에서 매일 영어를 사용하며, 다른 ...

통합 Merry Christmas and Happy new year! IH

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Merry Christmas and Happy new year! IH 밴쿠버, 휘슬러, 샌디에고, IH 커리어 컬리지의 모든 스탭들은 우리의 소중한 친구들, 파트너사들, 동료, 가족들에게 모두 행복한 연말을 보내길 진심으로 기원합니다. 2018년 한해에도 많은 성원 보내주셔서 너무 감...

미국소식 Converse 뉴스

  • Dec 20, 2018

We wish you a wonderful holiday and prosperous New Year!

미국소식 The Glenholme School

  • Dec 20, 2018

미국소식 UD will close for the Holidays

  • Dec 20, 2018

Happy Holidays from the University of Delaware English Language Institute (ELI)! As we prepare our minds and hearts for the holiday season, we feel grateful for the relationships that we have built with colleagues like you from around the w...

통합 Wishing you a happy festive season from everyone at LSI!

  • Dec 20, 2018

Wishing you a happy festive season from everyone at LSI! Thank you for your support during 2018 and we look forward to a successful 2019 working together.

통합 Holmes Education Group – HI, OHC, OEC 신년인사

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Holmes Education Group – HI, OHC, OEC 입니다. 2018년 한 해 모두 고생 많으셨습니다. 올 해 저희 Holmes Education Group에 보내주신 아낌없는 성원과 관심 진심으로 감사 드리며 2018년 한 해도 잘 마무리 하시길 바라겠습니다. 2019년에는 2018년보...

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  • Dec 20, 2018

통합 Educatius 신년인사

  • Dec 20, 2018

** 즐겁고 행복한 연휴 보내시고 남은 2018년 잘 마무리 하시고** 새해 복 많이 받으세요^^

Lane Community College 뉴스

  • Dec 19, 2018

Hi Marina - Have a wonderful festive season! We appreciate you! Lane Community College! Lane Community College! WEBSITE APPLY & ENROLL PROGRAMS ABOUT CONTACT Happy Holidays from Lane Community College! Carla Andersen Lane Community Coll...

캐나다소식 East Coast Language College

  • Dec 13, 2018

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Comfortable. Breezy. Sunny. Why December is the Best Time for TALK Miami Beach students. For TALK Students in South Florida, December means Holiday Festivities and Fun… in the Sun! Find out more Possessive Pronouns and Nouns show own...

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News from the University of Delaware ELI December 5, 2018 We hope that this message finds you well. We are excited to announce several exciting changes that will affect your students, including: Changes to placement testing in the Academic ...

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  • Dec 05, 2018

이번 뉴스레터에서는 새로운 EC의 숙소 옵션과 숙소 프로모션 등을 만나보실 수 있습니다. EC 는 현재 San Francisco State University (SFSU)와의 계약 체결 마무리 단계에 접어들었습니다. 즉, 앞으로는 샌프란시스코 주립대학교를 공인영어점수 없이 EC의 ...

통합 ESLI 뉴스

  • Dec 05, 2018

Happy Holidays! Final Exams will soon be over, and the holiday season has begun. We congratulate all of our students for a successful semester! It has been a challenging year, and we will continue to face these challenges in 2019, but we ar...

통합 LSI뉴스

  • Dec 05, 2018

With Christmas fast approaching, LSI would like to wish all our friends around the world Happy Holidays. In our last newsletter for 2018, we have a special offer on courses in all LSI locations, we reveal some exciting news about our school...

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Girls only. That's right! A Program for GIRLS only. Designed for GIRLS to Succeed. Do you have clients who have been waiting for this? It's time to level the playing field! The G2 Academy has created a golf training program exclusiv...

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Hello Marina - We are thankful for you! Happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful for you! WEBSITE APPLY & ENROLL PROGRAMS ABOUT CONTACT Happy Thanksgiving! _____________________________________________________________ As we celebrate the Ame...

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캘리포니아 지역 산불 관련 안내 캘리포니아 지역의 산불에 대해서 뉴스를 이미 접하신 분들이 계실 것으로 사료됩니다. 이 시각 현재 캘리포니아 지역에서 진행 중인 자연발화 산불은 크게 두가지입니다. LA 지역과 가까운 Woolsey Fire(공식 명칭)과 San Fr...