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English Language Centre at UVic
September Newsletter
iStudy award

Intensive English (ELPI): Jan. 6 – April 1, April 6 – June 30, July 6 – Sept. 3, Sept. 8 – Dec. 2, 2020

Monthly English: Sept. 30 – Oct. 25; Oct. 28 – Nov. 22; Dec. 2 – 20, 2019; Jan. 6–31, Feb. 3–28, March 2–27, April 6 – May 1, 2020

Summer Language and Culture: May 25 – June 26; July 6–31; July 31 – Aug. 21; Aug. 4–28; Aug. 10–28, 2020

UVic Pathways Program: Sept. 8, 2020 – Aug. 28, 2021


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ELC News  

Oak Bay waters

2 Greater Victoria communities rank among Canada’s top 25

As you may know, “Greater Victoria” consists of many smaller communities, and 2 of them recently made the Maclean’s magazine’s list of “Canada’s best communities.” Oak Bay (#15) scored high marks for low crime, great culture and easy commuting. Colwood (#25) was recognized for low taxes, good weather and low crime rates.

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Victoria Partner Day

Prior to the APAIE conference in Vancouver, from March 22-26, we are inviting UVic university partners to visit Victoria to explore our city and campus.  We’ll be sending an invitation soon with event details, but in the meantime, if you have questions about APAIE or visiting UVic, please contact us.


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Airplane and world

Fall Travel

From September to November, our marketing team will be attending recruitment events in Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Thailand and China.  
Sungjin is our first traveller to depart, heading to Sao Paulo next week. We know that our Brazilian partners and agents are sure to extend a warm welcome during her first visit to Brazil!



Vikes fans

September Events at UVic

View our September events list to check out the other events happening on campus this month — including cultural activities, lectures and concerts.

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Sample calendar

Question of the Month:

Where can I find the calendar for my student's program(s)?

You can find program calendars for registered students on our Current Students page in the Agents and Partnerssection of our website. In addition to the calendar, you will find information about your student’s schedule during their first few days at the ELC. For all program calendars, we have made an exciting improvement! Activities listed now include links with further information and an option to register. We hope you and your students find this new feature helpful!

Spotlight On: Special Message from ELC Director Jackie Prowse  

ELC Director Jackie Prowse

The English Language Centre at the University of Victoria is delighted to be named "Language School of the Year" for the second year in a row by iStudy.


In my 19 years as ELC Director, it has been my pleasure and honour to work closely with teachers and staff to develop a strong academic program with inspiring cultural activities in order to meet the needs of our international students. The ELC is more than a university based English school, it is a unique community that is committed to excellence. Each year we welcome an amazing variety of students — some coming from prestigious university partners, some sponsored by scholarship programs, others through corporate partners, and everything in between. Students come from all over the world and it is wonderful to learn about their cultures and help them to reach their academic and personal goals. It is truly a pleasure to meet so many enthusiastic and optimistic young people (and older ones too!) and to watch them deepen their intercultural understanding and form strong friendships as they work together in their studies. 


This is the second year in a row that the English Language Centre (ELC) has been chosen as iStudy’s “Language School of the Year.” As we approach our 50th anniversary in 2020, receiving this award offers a timely opportunity to reflect on where we’ve been and where we’re going… for me, I look forward to continuing to work hard to make ELC the English school of choice for students throughout the world. One exciting project on the horizon is the launch (in January 2020) of our themed-based Monthly English curriculum. In addition to such program-specific innovations, in the coming years we will expand our use of educational technology to facilitate language learning, and are committed to building on our incredible variety of socio-cultural activities so that students can continue to experience Canada and Victoria on a deeper level.


There are so many things that make the ELC both a special place to study and a special place to work… truly, we are an international community that has to be seen to be believed! If you haven’t visited us already, please know that you are welcome. And if you’ve been to UVic before, we’d love to see you again… there’s always something new to explore at the ELC!


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